40 Trade Show Ideas (Under $2)

It’s no secret that our marketing friends always have more things on their plate than they have hours in the day to complete. So, one of our goals in 2018 is to provide more creative ideas that help support core marketing strategies.

Speaking of core marketing strategies, we find that more times than not, trade shows tend to sneak up on everyone. And sometimes, promo giveaways are overlooked until it’s almost too late. If by chance this happens to you, have no fear, we’ve put together a presentation of 40 trade show ideas under $2. By clicking on the link below, you can rifle through these ideas in about 40 seconds. And of course, we hope you’ll find something that makes you want to spend a little more time. But if not, we’d be elated to provide you with more unique promo ideas that are specific to your needs. Although our ideas are good ones, they won’t work for everyone but that’s what makes our job fun.

40 Tradeshow Ideas (Under $2)

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