Color Changing Magic

One of our most hypnotizingly cool products that doesn’t get enough attention is also one of the most fun – a whole line of color changing items that (you guessed it) change colors when in contact with the sun or heat as well as cold or ice. Watching these gadgets change color never gets old – which means your brand will stick around in the lives of your target audience as well!

We recommend these branded promo items for our clients with outdoor events, young audiences or just to liven things up a bit. Below are a few of Bullpen’s best selling color changing products – let us know which is your favorite! 

Sunglasses & Bracelets
These are a fun give away item that can also serve as a reminder for your recipients to wear sun protection. Pairs well with branded sunscreen, lip balm as well as hats and umbrellas (which also come with color change designs!).

Probably the most common way people think to color change is with liquid content. Let your brand stand out from the sea of Yeti’s and Swell’s with it’s own little magic show every time it gets a refill! 

Phone Pockets
Add a little something extra to an every day item to make your brand really get noticed.

Keep your customers entertained where ever they go with the color changing magic of something as simple as a pen or pencil. 

Ice Cream Scoop
My personal favorite – if you thought eating ice cream couldn’t get any more fun, think again! 

Let Bullpen help you give the gift of the hottest (or coolest!) promo item out there with some color changing magic! 

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