Promotional Products

Promotional products, branded merchandise, swag, free stuff—No matter what you call it, promo items are a valuable component to your marketing mix. As one of the oldest forms of advertising around, promotional items are a cost-effective form of getting your company’s brand and message seen.

In short, promotional items are imprinted with the brand or company name that tend to serve as reminders of the actual product or service. They can range from pens, cups, stress toys, and day planners to high-end cashmere sweaters, platinum cuff links, and luxury timepieces. Bullpen Marketing can supply you with any product that you would like to have your company’s name on – and probably some that you wouldn’t even think of!

How can you find right promotional item? Here are 5 suggestions:

  1. THE RIGHT FIT. Make sure the items that you give your target audience will be something they can utilized in the environment where they make decisions about using your product or service.
  2. THE RIGHT MESSAGE. The items that you give away should always have message wrapped around it that  differentiates your company.
  3. STAYING POWER. The best products are items that are kept for longer periods of time. Make your promotional products investment something that will have a shelf life.
  4. HIRE AN EXPERT. Well…not just any expert. Let Bullpen marketing find the right item to meet your needs and goals. Whether you need giveaway products for a tradeshow, thank-you gifts for clients, or supplies for your staff, you can reinforce the value your company offers with customized company items.