Sweater Weather

The cooler weather is here and many of us are starting to pull out our favorite cozy sweaters and boots – but, some find it hard to pick an outfit for the office or events when the time comes for branded apparel. Here are some of the top trends of the season that will have employees looking and feeling great and WARM! Bullpen offers versatile pieces that work well for a variety of industries and come in tons of great corporate or fun colors with matching pieces for men and women. A few of our favorites are below! 

The Heather Trend – The heathered look is hot right now and looks and feels soooo comfy. With the right piece, it can be dressed up or down. 







Vests are Back – Vests have been a consistently growing in popularity over the past few years because they are an easy addition to any outfit. They give you the cozy feeling of a jacket while still being breathable- which is perfect for us here in Houston.







Sensible AND Cute – Light Layers. When you are going to be outside in the heat, then inside a building with sub-zero temps (ok, maybe I’m being dramatic), dressing in light layers is the way to go.







The Quarter Zip – Both athletic and casual, this trend is great for branded apparel people want to wear in and out of the office.







The Soft-shell Phenomenon – Lightweight but still warm with a fleece interior lining AND waterproof exterior?! The soft-shell jacket protects from the elements while keeping you comfortable and professional.







It’s hard to pick a favorite, I know! Bullpen is here to help – call us today to get your employees looking sharp and warm!

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