Top 5 Gadgets for 2018

2018 is in full swing and the new tech we see emerging this year is impressive. Here, we came up with what we predict the Top 5 Gadgets for 2018 will be. 

1. Wifi Smart Plug– Forgot to turn off the iron, no problem. Arrive home late and want to turn on some lights before entering the house. Now you can control your devices from anywhere with this wifi smart plug. Once you have connected the plug to your wifi network you can turn things on and off from your smartphone or tablet.

2. Audio Bottle– Carry less with this awesome Bluetooth speaker bottle. Connect wirelessly with any Bluetooth audio device and enjoy your favorite music. The perfect item to travel with to the gym, work or vacation.

3. Signal Vault RFID protector– Featured on “Shark Tank” and “Good Morning America”, the SignalVault uses electric-field technology to protect against hackers. This technology not only blocks but actively jams hackers to protect all chipped credit cards and debit cards that you are carrying.

4. Folding Inversion Umbrella – Maybe you’ve already seen the “inside out” umbrella that keeps water contained and outer surfaces dry? If not, your missing out! There is nothing worse than staying dry all the way to your car then getting wet folding up your umbrella. For this reason, the inversion umbrella has become a popular item. Now we also have a folding version that will fit inside your bag!

5. Hover Soccer Ball– Last but not least, something that is fun for every age! This battery-powered soccer ball glides on a cushion of air and if that isn’t cool enough, it also lights up.


As usual, please give Bullpen a call to get any of these hot items custom branded & be the tech talk of the town! Follow up with us in a year to see if our selections were on point!

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