5 Reasons Your School Needs a Branding Backdrop

You see them all over social media, at high-profile events and at the end of the red carpets. They’re photo magnets with people of all ages taking selfies in front of them because it shows that they were “there”. They’re called many names – media walls, photography or social media backdrops, press backdrops, step-and-repeat panels. At Bullpen Marketing, we call them Branding Backdrops which can be used for lots of purposes but ultimately, they’re branding, marketing, and public relations rolled up into one product.

They serve a lot of purposes:
Promote your brand with a sponsor’s brand at an event or gala
Celebrating a school anniversary or launching a new product
Be the backdrop of your tradeshow booth
Set up behind a press briefing or college signing
Or to be in your school lobby to be a social media backdrop

Because there are multiple usages, you can have several backdrops designed specifically for different events.


So why do we need a Branding Backdrop?

1. Free advertising for your brand.
Location, location, location – that’s what you’ll get with a step and repeat Branding Backdrop with your school or company’s logo. It’s prime advertising opportunity for Instagram or Facebook pics which get lots of visibility. Social media users like to see and be seen. While they’re taking selfies or group pictures, they’ll also be promoting your brand.

2. They can give you expensive photos on the cheap.
A Branding Backdrop is also a great way to get recognition for your business from whomever poses in front of it. Grab pictures with local celebrities, esteemed alumni and industry executives in front of your backdrop, and you’ll walk away from the event with images you can use in your printed publications and on your website and social media.

3. They make your school standout at events.
Branding Backdrops – or smaller banners if the space is limited – make for impressive backdrops to your booth or table at trade shows or galas. You’ll look more professional, attract more people to your space and earn the envy of other schools.

4. Branding Backdrops provide a fantastic return on investment.
You’re going to own a giant backdrop that people actually want to you to bring to various school events, so the possibilities for using it will begin to pop up all over your radar. Charity events that you co-sponsor, trade shows, conferences – if there will be camera-happy people present, your Branding Backdrop should be there as well.

5. Brand Marketing
This is especially true for lesser known schools that are still trying to get their name out there. Your guests might know what your brand is and what you stand for, but outsiders won’t. Do the reporters and special guests a favor and introduce your brand to them through a Branding Backdrop. Backdrops help you make a memorable statement.

Pro Tips: Don’t make rookie mistakes when purchasing a Branding Backdrop.
1. If your budget is limited, get a company to help you pay for it. You’ll notice that many events feature multiple sponsor logos on the same backdrop. You can accomplish this and still you’re your logo front and center.

2. Don’t skimp on the lighting. Professional umbrella lights are ideal. Remember: the better the people look in their photos, the more likely they’ll be to share them. Consider hiring a photographer who will make sure that the lighting is right and the subjects of the photo look amazing. Encourage people to like your company’s Facebook page on the spot by telling them that the images will be uploaded after the event.

3. Preserve your investment. Keep your Branding Backdrop rolled neatly in its case when it’s not in use. If you don’t store or transport it correctly, you’ll end up with wrinkles and stains (which can be difficult to get out). Keep your backdrop clean and free of wrinkles – just like your brand.

Branding Backdrops need to be printed by large format experts to ensure the quality of the end product. We understand the importance of choosing effective materials that work well to represent your brand. Contact Bullpen Marketing to begin designing the perfect backdrop for your school or company.


$475, No design cost, No setup fees, No shipping, No kidding.  Somewhere it needs “production time 12 working days”

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